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One “Best Delegate” and three “Honourable Mentions”

Marie Flügel, Adarsh Ganesh, Luka Usyk, Jana Röhlich and Best Delegate Julian Schulz (from left) Not in the photo: Hannah Park and Emily Yue.
(photo: LU)

MUN or Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations. Our delegation, France, was represented in each of the six UN-committees. We gained an insight into different cultures and political identities, to be able to represent our country precisely and propose suited resolutions.

We participate in MUN-conferences every year and engage in fruitful debates to find fitted, cooperative solutions to arising issues. Internationally, globally and – of course – in English!

Starting on 22 October and continuing till 26 October 2021, the MPG’s MUN-Club represented France and Human Rights Watch at MUNOG (Model United Nations of Goldberg). We participated with six delegates for France and one delegate (Julian Schulz, 10a) representing HRW in the Human Rights Council (HRC), the latter of which debated on how the situation in reception centres can be improved, while the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was seeking solutions for the issue of child marriage.

The French delegate answering to the delegate of the United States. (photo: LU)

In each of the Model UN committees, such as the Security Council (SC), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), all delegates represented the positions of their assigned countries.

In the Security Council, for example, the delegate of France (Adarsh Ganesh, J11) spoke on the main issues of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

In DISEC on the other hand, the French representative (Luka Usyk, J11) was addressing possible cyber security issues that might threaten the balance of power and democracies on an international scale.

Adding amendments to the resolution, all members in the various committees tried to leave their mark on the final version of the resolution, which then had to pass in the respective committee.

At the end of the conference the resolutions grew to a bundle of 50 pages, most of which were voted on by the General Assembly.

Being one of the Honourable Mentions, the main submitter of the UNFCCC’s resolution Marie Flügel had the opportunity to speak on behalf of her committee in front of the General Assembly.

Jana Röhlich und Adarsh Ganesh also received the Honourable Mentions for „Best Delegate“, and Julian Schulz received the „Best Delegate“ award for his outstanding performance in his committee – the Human Rights Council.

Marie Flügel successfully defending the resolution of UNFCCC in the General Assembly.
(Bild: LU)

MUN Club meets

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