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The hopes of the world rest on young people.

António Guterres

What is MUN?

MUN or Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations.

It helps students to acquire rhetoric skills, knowledge about the proceedings of international organisations whilst representing the position of a UN member state.

Students adopt the role of a representative of a given country or NGO in a certain committee, such as but not limited to the Security Council, World Health Organisation or the Human Rights Council.

Why to join?

You’ll become passionate about international affairs and global issues.

You’ll get the chance to improve your communication and rhetoric skills.

You’ll feel confident in public speaking.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about new cultures.

You’ll widen your horizon.

You’ll make new friends.

Who should join?

Year 9 upwards.

Students interested in politics and acting because:

All MUN’s a stage and all the chairs and delegates mere players.

As you like it, First draft resolution

Some of our past conferences?

MUNOG (Sindelfingen)

IMUNA (Alkmaar, NL)

BIMUN (Budapest, H)